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Companies That Hire Autistic Adults

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Statistics show that only 14 percent of autistic adults hold a paying job in the US. These statistics are shocking. That is why School For Autism Blog brings you a list of companies that hire autistic adults.

1. Microsoft –

Microsoft launched a programme in 2015 to promote jobs for autistic people. In this programme, Microsoft hires people with autism as a computer coder as a part of a two week programme. Read more.

2. Spectrum Designs –

An initiative started by a mother with an autistic child, Spectrum Designs sells clothing made by people with autism. Read more.

3. Freddie Mac –

Freddie Mac is an accounting firm, which joined hands with Autistic Self Advocacy Network in order to recruit people with autism. They feel that having autism does not make you incapable to work at a corporate level. In fact, those who have autism have so much to offer to an organization. Read more.

4. SAP –

SAP is a huge software company, which hires people with autism. This is because autistic people have an extraordinary ability to see patterns, good memory, high intelligence, and attention to detail.

5. Platinum Bay Technology –

Platinum Bay Technology is a software company that hire autistic adults. Their reason for this is similar to why SAP and Microsoft are doing the same. Read more.

Are you aware of any other companies that hire autistic adults? Let us know in the comments section below.

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