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12 Facts About Autism

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School For Autism Blog aims to create awareness and acceptance about autism. The main reason behind this is to improve one’s understanding about autism, so that autistic people can be helped in a better way. That’s why we bring you 12 facts about autism.

  1. Autism is caused due to a genetic disorder, and is NOT a disease.
  2. There is no cure for autism.
  3. While there are symptoms of autism to look out for, there is no definite medical test for it.
  4. 1% of the total world’s population has autism.
  5. Autistic adults are 10 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts.
  6. 1 out of 68 children are affected by autism.
  7. Girls are 5 times less likely to have autism.
  8. 40% of autistic children do not speak.
  9. The rate of autism detection is on the rise.
  10. As autism is a genetic disorder, no two people with autism have the same characteristics.
  11. Early intervention in autism can actually help your child.
  12. If one twin is autistic, there are 80 to 90% chances that the other will also develop some form of autistic disorder.

facts-about-autism, school-for-autism-chikitsya, school-for-autism-blog-chikitsya, sfa, sfa-blog

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