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Autism Symptoms in Toddlers

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Parents always have the best interest in mind when it comes to their children. At times, autism symptoms go undetected because parents do not want to accept that there is something different about their child.

While parents try their best to prove that their child is “normal”, it becomes awfully difficult for an autistic child to cope. In this article, we aim to answer questions about how to detect autistic behavior and provide you with an autistic symptoms checklist.

What is Autism?

Before we talk about autism symptoms in toddlers, let us understand what autism is. Autism is a genetic disorder which leads to a person to behave in a different manner from others.

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Autism Symptoms Checklist

Autistic behavior is something that can be detected at any age. Hence, it is important for the comfort of your child for you to pay attention to the discomfort your child is facing.

Here is an autism symptoms checklist for you to keep an eye out for whether or not –

  • Your baby or toddler does not make eye contact, such as when you are feeding him or her,
  • Respond in any way to hit or her name or to a familiar sound,
  • Visually follow objects,
  • Use gestures to communicate,
  • Find ways to grab your attention,
  • React to affection or show any response while someone is reaching out to pick him or her up,
  • Share interest and excitement or play with others, and/or
  • Show care when someone gets hurt.

Why You Should Not Ignore Autism Symptoms

Autism is something that can develop at any age in life. An autistic toddler or autistic adult, in many cases, has a problem communicating with others and expressing their feelings. More over, noises become amplified, and coping with this becomes hard. When one does not understand the changes themselves, they may rely on the people around them to guide them through it. Hence, ignoring the symptoms of autism may give YOU the peace of mind and assure you that your loved one is okay, it may be problematic for the person going through it.

Keeping in mind the betterment of your loved one, we at School For Autism Blog advise that autism symptoms are not overlooked or ignored.

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