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Author of the Month | October, 2017 | Alexandra Peel

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Author of the Month – October, 2017

The author of the month for October, 2017 is:

Alexandra Peel

About Alexandra Peel

Born in England, Alexandra gained a B.A (Hons) in Fine Art; Sculpture at North Staffordshire University in 1986. She has worked as a Freelance as well as Community Artist. She began writing 3 years ago and has a number of short stories published as well as a collection of her own short stories titled Sticks & Stones. She has an allotment where she grows all manner of fruit and odd shaped vegetables.
Alexandra has been working in F.E for 13 years, supporting students with a variety of learning, physical and psychological needs; each year sees a growth in the number of young people diagnosed ASD.
She loves films and is currently studying An Introduction to Screenwriting, with University of East Anglia via FutureLearn. You can read her blog here.


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About School For Autism (SFA) Blog:

SFA Blog was started by a social media marketing intern at the School For Autism, Chikitsya (also known as SFA, Chikitsya) in October, 2016. The internship came to an end in March, 2017. As the internship is now over, School For Autism Blog is now independently run blog. It aims at creating awareness about autism and provide information in order to help those who are autistic.

About the School For Autism, Chikitsya, Hyderabad

School For Autism is based in Hyderabad and provides therapy to people with autism, irrespective of age. To know more about the school, click here.


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