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4 Things to Teach Your Autistic Child to Make Them More Independent

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Life have never been easy for human beings. We have our problems, tears and laughter. When we were children and words rarely made sense to us, let alone the directions. Imagine it with a situation when a person asked for a direction and they don’t make sense to you. You look up at your mother to understand and she is buying vegetables at the store. What happens then?

For an autistic child who has grown dependent on the person of his life, the stepping out could be scary and confusing. Do not lose hope because he may do things slowly, but when he will do it, he will be the best. The things are easier then before after he tasted the world and started having the idea of what, when and how. There are just a few things he needs before he can be on his own.

The transitioning can be scary to him and you as well. After all, world isn’t an easy place. Take it slow. Though there are a few things that you can do to make things look brighter and a bit easier for him.

1. Identify Their Strengths

The first thing that needs to be done is identifying strengths. The personality that has developed until now and the beauty of it needs to be recognized. The understanding of strengths and weaknesses comes later to your growing kid later than the others. He needs to know what he is good and best at. Let us focus on the good and better. Sitting and telling won’t do. He needs to see himself in a situation where he was better and strong. The strength will be imprinted on mind when he himself sees what he is capable of doing.

2. Being Flexible

When you were taught that it is not good to lie but then you were asked to tell the neighbour that your mother isn’t home while she quietly sat at the sofa in living room. Introduce new things to be done and let him do things. He needs to be flexible in order to be independent. He will learn how to adjust to new things and situations.

When you will let go of him, new things and situations will arise and he will be prepared if you start early. Make him flexible to new situations where he needs to find his way by his own. Do not push too much in a little time. Do it in the pace he can adopt and is comfortable with.

3. Make Plans for the Future

He needs to know what he wants and how to get it in the long run. He needs self-motivation in order to reach a goal. Set up tasks where it takes him to take decision of his goals. These tasks can be rewarded but ensure that they aren’t the only things the child do it for.

4. Improving Communication Skills

Communication skills will be very important for him when he is independent. He will need to communicate with his peers, leaders and other people. He will need to communicate even to get his daily meal. Teach him to communicate on his own. Introduce him to docile and soft talkers. That will ease his anxiety to talk to strangers.

There will be failures, problems, and hindrances but there will be those small surprises where he will take the initiative without you telling him to do so. It is a long process. There is no sugar-coating it. Though there is a guarantee that the result will be the best victory you and your child can ever have.

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