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6 Important Safety Tips For Parents With Autistic Children

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Every parent wants their children to grow up to be independent. But, parents with autistic children are always scared whether or not the child will be able to mend for their own safety. Hence, at School For Autism Blog, we bring you an article about steps parents can take that will help their children a little bit more independent.

During our research for tips, we visited various websites for information, as well as ask our followers on Quora to pitch in their ideas. This is because we not only did we want researched methods, but also tips that people may have gained from first hand experience. After all, our aim at the School For Autism Blog is to provide what is best.

Safety Tip #1: Provide them with a “Help Handout”

One of the conditions of autism is that the child is not comfortable in communicating with others. Hence, despite having a problem, they are unable to tell someone about it. As a solution to this, consider giving your child a handout/ID card of some sort that states the child’s autistic state, and how to handle certain situations your child shows regularly.

Safety Tip #2: Teaching Your Child The Importance of Saying “No”

The world is filled with bad people, and at times the best way to protect yourself is by saying “no”. Demonstrate to your child the things they should say no to, and why. As mentioned by a respondent to our question on Quora, they should be aware “that their body is their own.”

Safety Tip #3: Make Them Memorise Your Home Address and the Police Helpline Number

One of the symptoms of autism is that those affected by it are not able to communicate as efficiently as others. Hence, it is important for them to be able to find their way home or be able to contact the police for help.

Safety Tip #4: Make The Child Comfortable With Reading and/or locating Landmarks

At times, when a child is lost, and reaches out to you or the police for help via a telephone, it is essential to know where the child is to be able to locate them. Hence, by teaching them to read comfortably and/or locate landmarks, they won’t be dependent on a person nearby to contact their parents.

Safety Tip #5: Keep Some Money In Their Pockets For Emergencies

In the case of an emergency, the child may:

  • need to use a pay phone,
  • feel very thirsty, hence buy some water, etc.

Hence, it is important that they always have some money on them.

Safety Tip #6: Teach Them How To Navigate Around A Supermarket

As mentioned in safety tip #5, there may be a situation where the child ends up in a supermarket alone. Being able to navigate around a supermarket due to prior knowledge will make them feel more at ease and hence they will be able to take care of themselves better.


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