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They know how to do it and they do it just right. Praising, encouraging and motivating are the main themes for the colourful and vibrant Instagram profiles dedicated for the help of parents of the autistic children.

“You can’t punish a child who is acting out because of sensory overload”- with followers from every country and region, these profiles have become a lifeline for the parents everywhere. A space where they can discuss and help each other with problems without someone showering them with pity and making their parenting different from others. They can easily discuss the daily achievements of their children with people who share the same sensibilities.

These are the profiles where small achievements are congratulated, motivational quotes and ideas adorn the feed. They are making it possible for others to understand that what it might feel like to be a parent to an autistic child. It’s blissful with small gestures becoming your everyday victory and they know how to tell people that.

For the newly informed parents of the autistic children, these profiles provide easy and informative guidelines along with the much needed support required for acceptance. They will tell you that it is not bad parenting if your kid suddenly starts shouting and crying because there was a loud honk.

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Accepting an autistic child might look difficult as a parent when the whole world is blatantly telling them that their child is different and needs to be treated as such.

A child can refuse to wear black and to be scared of dark and will be called as a normal kid. Whereas if a child is absolutely terrified of purple with just a diagnosis report saying he is autistic, he will be treated differently. These profiles helps the parents with motivational quotes and help them to connect with the other parents to attain somewhat normalcy they require in the society.

How many of you knew that one autistic child may refuse to eat a French fry if its shape is different? Your child calling you Maa might be a big thing for the first time but what if it’s the fiftieth time? They know that this small gesture is important and requires a lot of effort from the child as well as for a parent with an autistic child.

Along with all the motivational posts, they also introduce new and innovative techniques and equipment that can make the learning and accepting easy for the child. They have become a great gateway for the technological information to enter into the mainstream system to be known by the needy.

It requires patience, love and understanding to be a parent to an autistic children and they will bless you with love without boundaries. These profiles are there to make the life just a bit easier when the things went downhill and there is no one around you who understands. Because being there is enough.

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