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In-Home and Community-Based Autism Care

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Many people who are knowledgeable in and who have been or are affected by autism can testify that Autism affects people differently. The signs and manifestations of autism differ from one person to another. What this then means is that there is no single approach in which affected families and communities ought to follow in unlocking the full potential of an autistic person. Families and communities have to consider different in-home care and community-based care services to give the affected the best possible support.

Every autistic person needs a strong support base from his family. As such, families have an obligation and responsibility to ensure that they provide the best possible support to the affected person whether s/he is an infant, teenager or grown up. Families can assist in speech therapy by practicing simple exercises with the affected through encouraging conversations with him/her, practice patience when conversing and listen, listen and listen. Start a reading schedule you follow strictly every day and focus more on visual books asking questions about pictures you will be seeing. Above all, make sure you make the conversations and reading fun so as to retain his/her attention.

Sensory experiences can also be developed through the use of simple exercises. Provide toys or tools that help your child learn and understand things like noise levels, colours, and textures. Once your child begins to grasp basic concepts like colours his/her development will be much quicker as s/he will begin to feel connected to the world.

Development of new skills is an important factor for anyone and that applies also to someone affected by autism. Help your child gain new skills by introducing him/her to constructive games which will help him physically and mentally. For mental development, video games are a good pick and physically try to take him out to a football pitch or tennis court and let him express himself/herself. In addition, games also help your child with such critical life skills like socialization. Additionally, don’t alienate your child when doing house chores, make sure you teach and include your child when doing basic house chores like laundry, food preparation, and gardening.

The community at large also plays a great role in the life of autistic people. Autistic people just like you like to have a sense of belonging. The community has a responsibility to care for people affected by Autism. In daily activities, the community has to make sure it includes autistic people be it outdoor gatherings or sporting events.

A sense of belonging that a community gives to autistic people also results in higher self-esteem. Without a sense of belonging, autistic people will feel alienated and singled out consequently causing their condition to worsen.

When it comes to in-home and community-based care knowing which skills need minimal and which ones need more attention is crucial. Every autistic person has one or a few aspects that needs much attention and it is the responsibility of the family and the community to work tirelessly in providing the necessary support.

Autism is not an individual’s problem, it is a collective problem for us all, and it’s our responsibility to make the lives of everyone living with Autism better.

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