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Stephen Hawking: A Great Mind Despite A Disability

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An Introduction To Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest scientific minds of the 21st century. Born on 8th January 1942, Hawking had always had an interest in mathematics. At the time of applying for his undergraduate course, he had a deep interest in mathematics. But the University College at the time did not offer a course in mathematics. Hence he went on to pursue a course in physics., and continued his research in cosmology – a field no one was studying at the moment – from the University of Cambridge.

Shortly after his 21st birthday, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a form of motor neurone disease called ALS.

What is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – also known as ALS – is one of the most common forms of motor neurone disorder which “causes dysfunction of the nerves that control muscle movement,” says Medical News Today.

Read the article by Medical News Today to know further about the causes, symptoms, and the respective treatments of the same here.

More About Stephen Hawking

Despite the disease, Hawking went on to publishing multiple research papers on topics like the scale of space-time and general relativity, among others. He has even gone on to travel the world giving lectures at various universities. Hawking hopes that he will be able to make a trip into space at some point in his lifetime.

What We Can Learn

ALS was something that happened to Hawking that was outside of his control. Despite this, he is one of the most respected people not only in the field of physics but also in the whole field of science. We could only imagine the efforts that would have gone into making this happen.

Similarly, we at the School For Autism Blog feel that every person with autism has a talent. We, as a community, have to work together to bring out their success, not because we are obliged to do so, but because we care.

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