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Autism – Understanding the Basics

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In today’s world, it is essential to understand the basics of autism.

Autism is a developmental disability which mostly affects toddlers and young kids. Autism is a lifelong condition that is not curable. Autism manifests itself in our children through various means; these symptoms are observable if a parent is knowledgeable about basic Autism signs.

Autism affects how people perceive the world around them. Affected individuals normally start to exhibit new skills which they normally did not exhibit before or they lose some of their skills including social skills making their development in society very difficult.

As parents, you can be able to learn if your child is developing an autistic tendency that is if you have basic knowledge of the condition. However, most parents at first won’t have much information about this condition hence they can make use of a diagnostic team to determine if their child has autism. Generally, a diagnostic team comprises of a psychologist, pediatrician and a speech and language therapist.

As Autism itself manifests in many ways, it can be diagnosed through observing different facets of your child’s life. The most common symptom possessed by children with Autism is the emergence of persistent difficulties when communicating and interacting with others. These children will find it extremely hard to decipher both verbal and non-verbal language from their peers. Others will find it difficult to express themselves verbally, others will totally resort to using non-verbal communication to express themselves while others will develop echolalia where they will simply repeat what the other person says when they verbally express themselves.

Furthermore, the repetitive tendencies may not only be in speech but may spread to other areas like patterns of behaviour, activities, and routines. People with Autism are generally resistant to change. They prefer to establish and adhere strictly to a routine. For instance, they will prefer to use the same route to and from school or church each and every day. They prefer sticking with the same dish when it comes to breakfast or dinner or supper.

Other signs of Autism in toddlers include loss of vocal sounds, no babbling, no use of gestures in communicating, and limited or no eye contact during conversations with others.

Signs of Autism in children over 24 months include performing the repetitive behaviour, getting upset when changes are implemented altering his/her routine, repeating words or phrases, struggle discerning other people’s feelings and preferring to be alone all the time among others.

Though the exact cause of Autism is yet to be investigated, research conducted so far indicate that this condition is induced by genetic and environmental factors. There have also been suggestions that infections during pregnancy including rubella, excessive alcohol and cocaine can result in the child developing Autism. Autism is mostly prevalent in boys than girls. Autism occurs four to five times more in boys than in girls.

Autism is not yet curable but early diagnosis is of extreme importance if you are to give your child a more normal life. The society around an autistic child ought to understand this condition also so as to offer the necessary support.


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