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5 Articles Sharing Experiences of Parents Everyone Should Read

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School For Autism Blog appreciates the selfless efforts parents put in into raising an autistic child. We would like to honor such parents and as a result, we have shared five of the thousands of stories parents have shared on the internet in the form of articles or blogposts.

1. Something To THINK About: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

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One of the many articles by a parent of an autistic child – Charlie – this article shares one of the experiences this parent has. This article will give YOU something to think about.


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A blog initiated by a father of two autistic children explains what he is going through and why he started to maintain a blog. A touching story of a hard working father.

3. How I Unravelled My Son’s Hidden Special Autism Talent?

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Every child has a talent, even those with autism. A parent explains her journey in discovering her child – Niam’s – artistic talent.


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An experience shared by a parent of an autistic child, Niam, and his experience of shark diving.

5. This is why no autism story or program will ever be perfect

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A father shares his views on why no story or program is universally applicable.

A salute to you parents!

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