Taare Zameen Par

How The Movie Taare Zameen Par Is Mind Numbingly Touching

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It has been 10 years since the movie Taare Zameen Par came out in 2007, and I feel everyone who watches the movie even today gets teary eyed.

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The story is about an 8 – year – old boy named Ishaan (Darsheel Safary), who is dyslexic and is sent off to boarding school because his parents feel this is the easiest way to “successfully” play a role of a parent. But, instead of having a positive impact on Ishaan, the little boy feels lost in the race of doing well in school.

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During his time here, a new art teacher – Nikumbh Sir (Aamir Khan) – joins the school. While all of the other students in Ishaan’s class love and deeply enjoy Nikumbh Sir’s art classes, Ishaan spends his time sitting in the corner, and that too on a subject he is very talented at.


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This strikes Nikumbh Sir, and he tries to figure out why Ishaan is so disturbed and finds out about his condition. He feels bad that no one is even thinking about putting in efforts for a student with so much talent. Hence, he decides to take on the responsibility of teaching Ishaan.

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Throughout the movie, it is seen how selflessly the art teacher stands up for Ishaan, and how the boy actually starts making a positive progress in school. All the boy needed was love, care, and a little bit of patience.

I feel every autistic child needs a person in their life like Nikumbh Sir. Hats off to the actors, writer, director, and the whole team of Taare Zameen Par for beatuifully putting light on a topic that everyone needs to know about. What say?

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