Nobody Wanted To Sit With This Autistic Boy At Lunch Until This Happened…..

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An autistic boy named Bo Paske spent every day’s lunch break sitting by himself, while others enjoyed eating lunch together at his school cafeteria. It was not that the boy did not want to make friends, but no one wanted to be a friend with him.

One day, a football player from the Florida State University named Travis Rudolph visited Bo’s school. As lunch break started, Travis went to the cafeteria, where he noticed that Bo was sitting alone in a corner, while others spent the break sitting in groups, chatting, and having fun.

As a result, Travis went and sat down with Bo and had lunch with him. A bystander took a picture and sent it to Bo’s mother, telling her that someone had lunch with her son at school today.

Bo’s mother was touched and took it upon herself and posted the image on a social media website, thanking Tavis, and explaining how much it meant for her as well as her son, Bo.

Here’s the picture:

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We – at the School For Autism – encourage and promote such attitude. We hope that this boy has made friends, and does not spend any more lunch breaks sitting alone, because hey, everyone deserves to have friends right?

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Source: Nobody Wanted To Join A Boy With Autism At Lunch. His Life Changed Forever When A Famous Sportsman Sat At His Table

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