Paramount, USA: When an Autistic Teen Goes Missing

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An Amber Alert was issued in Paramount when a 17 – year – old autistic teen went missing from a fast food restaurant on Thursday night. Although he reached home safely the next morning, the journey in itself was something.

About the Boy

The teen – Frank Barboa – is a 17-year-old boy with autism. According to medical diagnosis, his mental age is currently 12 years. Frank – who is also known as Frankie – is currently learning to navigate his way around the bus system of his city.

About the Incident

Frank was waiting in a local fast food restaurant around mid night for his sister to finish her shift. He wanted to charge his electronic device, so he went out into her car to charge it. When his sister finishes her shift and comes out to the place where she had parked her car, she notices that her car – along with her autistic brother – is missing.

How Frank Got Home

As the car stopped along the way, Frank got off the car and went to the nearest bus stand to take the next bus home. He made it back home safely on Friday morning at 8:30 am and the family informed the police immediately.

About the Investigation

The police were informed about the incident, and they issued an Amber Alert in the city. Along with this, it was felt that the person who stole the car realized that the car was left on, but what they failed to realize was that Frank was in the car too.

About the Missing Car

The car is said to be missing, and the suspect is said to be a Hispanic woman.

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Source: Paramount Amber Alert Teen With Autism Used Bus System to Get Home After Kidnapper Ditched Stolen Car

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