Wisconsin, USA: A Cafe With A Motive

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Riverwest – a city in Wisconsin, USA – will witness its first autism friendly cafe opening in October 2017 by the name Caban’s Cafe.

One of the owners, Nic Quiles, mentions that “To our knowledge, it will be the first café geared toward autism awareness in Milwaukee, and possibly in all of Wisconsin.”

About the Cafe

The cafe will be supported by the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. It will serve food and beverages along with job openings for people with autism and their families. The cafe aims to provide a supportive environment for autistic people and their families. From this, the owners plans to branch out to open a community school that provides education for people with autism.

OnMilwaukee, in their article, mentions the following things about the cafe:

“Activities will include board games, a chalkboard wall for drawing or doodling and arts and crafts workshops for parents and children. Once a month, they plan to host a counselor or child behavior professional who will provide free workshops focused on dealing with individualized educational programs, school choices, trigger management, etc.”

Cafe’s History

The building in built in the 1890s and is a Queen Anne Victorian Building.

The place – owned by Quiles’ grandparents – was once a grocery store by the name Caban’s Grocery from the years 1956 to 1980. The name of this grocery store was the inspiration behind the name of the cafe.

Location of the Cafe

2548 N. Holton St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tentative opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 6am to 8pm

Sunday: 7am to 6pm

For those people in the city at the time or after, don’t forget to go over and visit the place! We want to hear all about your experiences here!

Source: Autism-friendly cafe opening in Riverwest

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