This Woman Does An Unpredictable Thing With A Child In An Airplane

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Imagine an airplane ride that was supposed to take eight hours to reach its destination. Now, imagine a three-hour delay for the flight to take off, and to top this off, the journey is extended by one hour as your flight maneuvers in the air. On top of this, imagine the flight being filled with kids.

How did this make you feel? Angry? Exhausted? Tired? Same here.

This is something that happened last Friday on a flight from Isreal, and this flight had an autistic child on board. As time passed by, the situation was more and more uncomfortable for this autistic child, and he started crying on board. His wails were so loud that they could be heard across the aircraft. As this was an unusual situation for the passengers, they started to feel uncomfortable, as they did not know how to react.

During this, a woman named Rochel walks up to the child to comfort and support the child emotionally. In an interview by Good News Network, she mentioned that the only thought in her mind at that time was that “I gotta help this kid.”

The mother of the child – who although is not fluent in English – is truly grateful for Rochel’s help in the matter.

This left everyone on board in awe. We applaud this woman and appreciate her efforts.

Hats off Ma’am!

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Information source: Plane Passengers Are Left “In Awe” of Woman’s Kindness Towards Agitated Boy With Autism

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