Let’s Be Friends!

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Sensitivity towards autistic individuals and care for their needs are the core quality of empathetic individuals. Not specific to autism but all range of psychological disorders require compassion and love for the individual.  For an autistic individual, it’s very difficult to express . Their emotions are deeply buried within them. They can’t overtly show what they are feeling. These individuals restrain themselves even from intimate relationships. They take time to gain trust in anyone. They are mostly attached to few people in their life, on whom they mostly depend for their basic needs like feeding , changing clothes etc.
Befriending an autistic individual may be tough but not an impossible task to accomplish. It’s considered to be difficult because, first, they don’t express themselves and therefore it becomes difficult to understand their feelings . Second,  they are bit timid  and avoid any sort of social interactions.  Lastly, they are sometimes scared of people and feel threatened.  They completely restrict from talking to  strangers , especially when alone. So becoming friends with autistic individual is difficult than any other  establishment of relationship. But , once established, it can go on to become a very strong bond. Autistic individuals are so devoid of any sort of hypocrisy that the individuals find them to be the best souls. Also, they are really close to their friends, even if few and prove to be a great company for friends.

Curing autism is only possible when one befriends them. All they need is support and nurturing. One has to gain trust and think empathetically to become their mates.  Friendship is best medium to understand autistic individuals, and the amount of love one receives from these individuals is enormous. The best thing one can gift to them is a beautiful smile that a friend gives to another friend.

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