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I am an intern at the School For Autism, and I would like to share my views about autism. We often tend to label other individuals very fast. We attribute one set of traits to the other individual if see a similar trait or quality in them. Autistic individuals become victims of this tendency.  Due to their inability to interact, these individuals are often mistaken to be arrogant or introverts by others. People fail to understand that this social impairment is not deliberate hence it’s not appropriate to tag these individuals with such hasty remarks or labels.

Autism is characterized by affected social interactions. Autistic individuals find it difficult to express their needs and feelings. They are not able to reciprocate to the emotions of others. One example could be if an autistic person sees any person crying, he/she won’t be able to react and may give blank expressions. This way the person may perceive the autistic individual to be indifferent.  Hence before any concrete judgement, one must be sensitive enough to autistic individual’s behaviour.
We take a moment to judge people on the basis of first impression. The first impression becomes the lasting impression. Taking reference from the above example, it will be very difficult to mould the thought process of the person who was crying towards the autistic individual . It is further reinforced by the circumstances. Autistic individuals may find it difficult to show but they are equally sensible to behavioural stimuli. Therefore, society must accept these inabilities and help them grow.

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