Social Skills and Autism

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Since the root consequence of Autism Spectrum Disorder is social impairment, the individual as a whole finds it difficult to adjust in the dynamic society and is unable to correlate to societal norms. An individual may find it difficult to interact in group settings or may hesitate to commence one to one conversation.  They lack the interpersonal communication skills .  This problem may arise because of the fact  that these individuals find communication activities uncomfortable or simply avoid speaking because of their highly timid nature.

Aristotle mentioned that humans are social animals engaged actively the process of communication.  It’s an integral part of human life. But autistic individuals seem far off from this need . They can live happily in their own cocoon of their own happiness.  They seem alienated from the world . This detachment from other individuals can cause feeling of isolation in them. There is  a persistent need   for love and belongingness in every individual.  Similarly,  autistic individuals are high in need for affiliation. They may not be able to well communicate their feelings but they are in need of love and care constantly. They need consoling and help under stressful conditions.  For some first day of school can be highly threatening but with help they can ace that fear .
Autistic individuals need support , this beam of guidance can best be the parents themselves who can help the individual to learn interaction skills . Encouraging communication with other people on regular basis can help dissolve this severe impairment of interaction.  This is considered to be the first step to reduce the symptoms of autism among individuals. Children can be taught to greet other individuals same way as people engaged in normal interactions do. This way one will be not succumb to the challenges faced in everyday interaction. Gaining autistic individual’s trust can make you their friend and companion for life. This process can help autistic individuals to lead a normal life.


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