Acceptance and Transcendence of Autistic Individuals

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Autism is a part of pervasive developmental disorders. We can never understand the difficulty they face. These individuals have impairment with social interactions. They can’t even express themselves completely in front of others. Also they have problems controlling their bodily movements. Hence, they struggle to gain acceptance in the society.

People who don’t have knowledge about these disorders often mistake them for being ignorant or arrogant.

One needs to be sensitized towards their needs as well. Autistic individuals don’t lack talent . They can be equally good as normal individuals or can even excel in certain fields such as singing,  dancing or art they can expertise any aspect. It’s hapless that their intellect is ignored because of their condition. One never knows what grows in the minds of these individuals.  They have a tendency to see things differently which might lead to betterment later. They knit ideas everyday in their minds. Their innovative dreams run at a pace that we can’t even possibly imagine.

Not just dreams but they have  good occupational skills as well. They can be good with bricolage work which might range from basic repairing to decorating candles. They are also not very far behind in sports. With proper training they can be turned into extremely resourceful sportsmen. They can actually prove to be an asset to nation. There’s surely no dearth of capabilities in them.

Hence till the time our general population doesn’t accept them in the society we can never forge ahead in exploring their talents. As a collective society we must help these individuals to bring out the full potential which can be beneficial for the society itself.

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