Troubles Accepting Autism

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Today I was going through this novel, Dear John and there was an adult, rather old only, suffering with autism. I myself was not able to locate the illness until the girl, Savannah introduces this fact to the readers. Then my mind raced and I started to realise that yes, he definitely acted different. He was mostly quiet and it needed a bit of push for the first time to talk with him for savannah herself. The old man was not suffering this autism for the beginning but his loneliness and no communication with his son, who was literally his only family made him an autistic in his old age. He was pushed to this loneliness and depressing stage of his life because he had no one to share his hobby of collecting coins as his son started to dislike it with his teenage stage approaching. Then he had to leave his home to be a coin for unites states army. And that was the time his father, the old man had to be alone, all indulged in his hobby of checking out the coins and to be all with himself. All that time made him an autistic which his son and he, himself was not able to accept when savannah tried to explain this to john, the old man’s son. Yes, it would have been definitely difficult for John to take the sudden disease thing up for his father but in the end, he did realise that he had been hard over him by not even trying to know about his life after being so far, for so many years. Accepting something like this is truly difficult.

There was also another case of an autistic child, Alan whose dad had accepted the fact that his child is suffering and this girl savannah turns out to be that child’s life saviour by treating him just like other kids, with love and tenderness and care and letting him do all fun activities.

Also one more fact i got to know about autistic people, that they are fear catcher just like horses can smell fear or any mishappening in advance. The same thing john realised about his dad regarding a very valuable mule coin. And just like these there are so much good and unique things about autistic people. They are good at heart, speak out a lot if tried like a real friend and you can actually trust them.

People whom we love, we adore and the ones close to us, can have this illness much before we get to know. So be with them, look for them and talk to them once in a while like you actually mean it. And yes, also accept the trouble when it comes. Don’t cause trouble in accepting autism. First step to cure is always to face to and take it to heal it.

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