Insight of Autism

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Looking into autism always curbs out new facts, liberating one from tha myths they had.

Did the child start to babble by 12 months? Or in any stage of his life, does he not come up quickly to responsd or responds not at all..? Does he/she avoid eye contact and want to be alone? Depending on the answers, this child might be autistic.

Autism is a term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorder. These disorders include significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. People who have Autism process information in their brain differently than others. With early intervention and treatment, this child’s development will be greatly improved. This is not an illness that can’t be cured. Actually it is not such a disorder, it just gets affected by the surroundings and ones company too.

Since the life of an Autistic child’s parent is always busy, they can use as much help and information as they can get. A life coach would be able to help this parent organize their busy schedule, which would help to better handle everything that an Autistic child needs to improve their development. By defining a course of treatment, establishing a schedule, and looking into the long-term results of early intervention, an Autistic child’s parents and friends will be more likely to help the child’s development.

Autism was believed to be a psychiatric or emotional illness, and doctors told mothers that they were the cause. They were wrong. The cause for autism is still a mystery, however, the facts remain that autism in children is on the rise.

A diversity of symptoms can be associated with autism and will vary with each child. Autism seems to affect boys more than girls but this is not always true. The first signs of autism are shown within the first three years of life. As an infant, maybe the parents don’t get to notice much of such distinctions but with their growth its symptoms become quite noticeable. Children with autism have a limited range of interests as activities and they have a very low tolerance for change in their environment or daily routine. Parents and friends have to be friendly and should get indulged in their child’s life to get to know their problem. They are dependent on everyday routines, and may have tantrums if things are out of place. They can be hyperactive, moving from place to place with no apparent purpose.

Nowadays, the most common treatments for Autism is behavioral therapy. ABA therapy is a very common technique used.  The children with Autism are taught general social skills. One way this is taught is through modeling social behaviors to them and teaching them to imitate it.
Autism is a disease which can be handling easily just by being with the child and not letting him feel he is different.

One of the main characteristics is having social problems. Children with Autism have trouble interacting with other children. They won’t play with other children. They could be so focusing that they would love to be lonely. But friends and family have to be very supportive and understanding. Yes undoubtedly therapies are fruitful as they also catch the core problem but maybe just getting a friendly appreciation or a smile or talk only can build up confidence and stimulate sensory behaviors.

Many places have opened their doors to people with this disorder, creating autistic friendly environments where people are patient and understanding. Schools have also become accommodating to autistic children and adults.

And so can be Our hearts.

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