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Autism is characterised by marked impairment in speech.  Autistic individuals find it hard to convey their feelings . They are unable to overtly display their emotions . They bury all of their sorrows and briefs, therefore, this is one reason that they are socially isolated .
People often fail to understand the emotional turmoil they undergo. Autistic individuals tend to stay in their own fabricated bubble because they fear social interaction to some point. Humans are social beings but these individuals find it hard to fit into this category. What haults these individuals is the fear of people . They like maintaining a certain distance from people and don’t like forming closer associations with them. One can compare this fear with a 4 year old child not talking to any stranger around  since he/she not familiar with that Individual.  This is further reinforced by the parents who discourage the child talking to strangers.  Similarly,  it’s the brain which reinforces this fear of social interaction in the autistic individuals.

Another problem is that even if autistic individuals want to interact they are unable to express it. They find it hard to convey their messages to others. Often,  these individuals are mistaken to be arrogant or introvert. It’s obvious that they tend to be timid and face difficulties in expressing their desires . This is how they are trapped in the vicious cycle of paucity of people in their life. They can’t be close to anyone which implies that people often don’t want to be close to them.
Autistic individuals must be encouraged to talk to others and express their desires. They have no dearth of feelings but they only face problems in fabricating words for it.

They should be placed in a helping social environment where they would be able to enhance their skills. Staying in a warm and welcoming place helps them to build their speech . It is a difficult task to achieve but with patience and perseverance these individuals can be helped to accomplish greater heights.

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