Why to consider autistics different.?

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So far we have been through like so many topics of helping autistics, thinking about their future and what not. But one should also not forget that autism should not be taken as a disease with which your child or loved one has to survive for life time and would have to keep his future in mind with respect to that disease.

Because autism is a ‘spectrum’ disorder it affects different people in different ways. It is therefore very difficult to generalise about how a person with autism will develop over time. It is particularly important to realise that an intervention which works well with one individual may not be appropriate or effective with another.

But then Autism is just a state of mind of a being that can definitely be cured in simple daily communication ways. Contrary to what many people imagine, however, some children and adults with autism may make eye contact, show affection, smile and laugh, and demonstrate a variety of other emotions. Even if your child is unable to show a lot of emotions or speech let me open up and just be supportive. Not every child is same and not is his degree of affect. Some even go on to hold down responsible employment, have relationships with others, marry and raise children. Like anyone else, people with autism respond to their environment in both positive and negative ways and change as they mature. Here is where lies the answer of being cured.

Many people with autism have an ability to focus on detail and may have good powers of concentration on a single activity provided it is of interest to them. This means they can often achieve a very high level of skill in a particular area. Children with autism can be especially good at learning facts, skills and talents. So they should be channelised there and be treated as normal beings. People with autism tend to be very honest and, if communication skills develop, will report things very accurately and openly.

No distinctions shoube made while appointing them or making friends with them. instead considering the good points of a person is more fruitful then going for negatives. Their plus points should be the way to their success as it is for everybody. Not that their one negative point of not letting what exactly they feel be becoming their way to unacceptance. Encourage them by surrounding them with good and supporting vibes, advice them not out of sympathy but out of willingness and friendship and enjoy the uniqueness in them.

Dont consider autism a serious disease just an illness that can easily be cured. Dont consider autistics different becouse that would make them feel more alienated.

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