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What Constitutes as Normal?

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Since a long time , philosophers,  historians , the clergy and many psychologists are trying to find the answer to what actually is normal and does deviation from the normal seriously imply anything. The root sense of all abnormal dimensions is the diversion from norms. Norms are nothing but prescribed code of conduct and everyone is expected to abide them.

But no one literally knows who has set them. These norms have been passed on between so many generations like a legacy.  Nobody is advised to change them and the one who doesn’t follow is considered to be abnormal. The basic ideology is that if someone diverts from the prescribed normal line , that person is put into the category of abnormal. One such abnormality group is the specially abled.

Surprisingly there are ways to cure abnormality or to simply abolish it.

Back during the 15th century, people had no compassion for specially abled and therefore this era is considered a dark time in history with various episodes of witch hunts . People didn’t have any knowledge about mental disorders and there was very less awareness .
But when people realized that these individuals can be cured and helped, many started to write about it extensively.  Heinous acts against them were criticized and people were urged not to discriminate against them.

This led to many reforms  which were faced with protests. This was the time when superstitions prevailed and many believed the cure to be exorcism. This condition is still very much prevalent in India and individuals are ostracized strictly from all benefits of the society.
We give so many definitions to explain abnormality.  But ostracizing individuals who need care isn’t  inhumane ?  Autistic individuals find it hard to explain their feelings and emotions.  They are in a way trapped in their own rigid boundaries.  Shunning them away further degrades their soul.

Insensitivity towards these individuals is nothing less than abnormality itself.
One should be compassionate towards them . They are humans like us who find it difficult to interact. Helping them under stressful situations can help to uplift them towards betterment. If the society focuses on these aspects then we can help build a better world for them, much secured and sensitive.  By not associating stereotypes and generalizing these individuals , we can understand the uniqueness each individual has . Not often an individual is at fault , sometimes it’s the faulty circumstances which leads to deviation of the individual to abnormal behaviour.

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